Enrolling your customers in WatterSaver is a great way to help them get the most out of their new electric water heater. Here you’ll find useful tools and instructions on how you can help them get their water heater connected and ready for enrollment.

For Contractors

This flyer gives you the information you need to understand and recommend WatterSaver to your customers. It has program details and helpful information for you to understand any add-ons that may be needed.

Click here to download the contractor resources flyer.

Contractor resources for installing water heaters with WatterSaver.

For Customers

This flyer can be shared with your customer to inform them about the benefits of enrolling in WatterSaver.

Click here to download the WatterSaver customer flyer.

Customer Flyer for WatterSaver

Get instructions for connecting a CTA-2045/EcoPort® module to your water heater

Get instructions for Disable Follow Schedule

How to connect to your ICOMM device

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How do I enroll?

Signing up is easy! Connect your qualifying water heater and complete the online application.