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What is WatterSaver?

WatterSaver is a new program available to PG&E customers that pays you to use energy when prices are lower. By enrolling in WatterSaver, you don’t have to think about savings. Your connected water heater can automatically take advantage of lower electricity rates, so water is heated at the least expensive times of day. Hot water is ready whenever you need it, without having to pay the highest electricity prices.

Plus, you’ll earn cash rewards for participating in WatterSaver. When you sign up, you’ll receive a $50 gift card enrollment bonus, plus an additional $5 gift card credit for every month you participate.

How it works

When demand for energy is high it’s more expensive, much like how airfares are higher during the holiday season. WatterSaver automatically shifts some of your energy use to lower priced times so your water is heated at a lower cost and then kept hot for when you need it. This can save you money and it also helps even out the demand on our power grid which helps avoid power outages. It also means we can take advantage of energy produced from renewable sources like solar and wind.

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Who is eligible?

Any PG&E customer or CCA customer in PG&E service territory with a smart water heater can enroll in WatterSaver. But don’t worry if you don’t have a smart water heater, many standard electric water heaters can be retrofitted to be eligible for the program. Learn more about eligibility here.

Will my water heater work?

Any wifi-enabled heat pump water heater is eligible for WatterSaver. With special additions, electric resistance and non-wifi enabled heat pump water heaters may also qualify.
Learn more about equipment here.

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How do I enroll?

Signing up is easy! Connect your qualifying water heater and complete the online application.