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Who is Eligible?

Any PG&E customer or CCA customer in PG&E service territory with a smart water heater can enroll in WatterSaver. But don’t worry if you don’t have a smart water heater, many standard electric water heaters can be retrofitted to be eligible for the program.

In order to be eligible for WatterSaver, you must be a PG&E or community choice aggregator (CCA) customer in PG&E service territory and on a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate*.  If you are not currently on a TOU rate you will be automatically enrolled in TOU-C when you sign up for WatterSaver. CCA customers may also participate in WatterSaver as long as they receive a bill from PG&E. Below is a sample list of eligible TOU rates:


  • EV2-A
  • EV-A, EV-B

  • E6 (retired)
  • EM-TOU

Your current rate schedule can be found on your PG&E bill. See the example below:

* Customers participating in electrification pilots in one of five communities in the San Joaquin Valley: Alpaugh Census Designated Place (CDP), Fairmead CDP, Lanare CDP, La Vina CDP and Le Grand CDP, collectivity identified as San Joaquin Valley Disadvantaged Communities (SJV DAC), for pilots approved as part of the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC’s) Rulemaking 15-03-010, also known as the SJV DAC Proceeding, are exempt from Time-of-Use rate participation requirements. If you’re not sure if you are a part of these programs you can email to help.

Will my water heater work?

Any wifi-enabled heat pump water heater is eligible for WatterSaver. With special additions, electric resistance and non-wifi enabled heat pump water heaters may also qualify.
Learn more about equipment here.

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How do I enroll?

Signing up is easy! Connect your qualifying water heater and complete the online application.

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